Sunday, February 3, 2013

All different sizes...

Since I have been on the outlook for information about making a little booklet for a chatelaine, I found many good tutorials online about making booklets. Though none that specifically describe what I am looking for, I find them all very interesting and enchanting. There are many styles and sizes of booklets. Uncountable ways of binding them, or materials to use. Some are only for the specialist, with years and years of training, while others are child’s play. In order to be able to make the style of booklet for my chatelaine, I need to build some experience in binding and material use. So I have been playing around with making different styles and sizes of booklets. From teeny tiny, to medium sized. Here are three examples of this. I hope you like them =)

Medium sized booklet, hand bound vintage steampunk style booklet witth trinkets.


Micro sized booklet, Tiny vintage style booklet, hand bound with vintage music sheets and leather


Mini altered art album, Vintage steampunk style booklet, folded pages, leather bound.


I had a lot of fun making these and learned a lot. I hope you enjoyed them.  There are two more booklets, but I will have to wait until daylight again, to make some decent photos of those... and I need to soak my hands, for these have become works of art by themselves.... I will soon add these 3 and the  2 others to my DaWanda store, "Morgan le Fae's Trinkets".

Thank you for watching and should you have any questions, tips or remarks, please leave a comment below.

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