Thursday, June 12, 2014

lost my mojo...hoping to find it somewhere soon

It seems I haven't been blogging much lately, nor have I been doing much art journaling. At first I felt really bad about this and kept feeling pressure to do something, anything.... but somehow this self imposed pressure only made things worse... And I lost my mojo completely.

Still I tried to finish the art journal round robin journal for Susan. Did bits an pieces here and there, Played with ink and paint, but somehow felt it just wasn't good enough. 

So I put it away and forgot about it...well almost...

This week I finally got up the nerve to try and finish what I started. 

Susan's book is beautiful and the work done in it already, was gorgeous. It's theme was trees and leaves and/or anything related. I'm not good with trees, or leaves for that matter...but I gave it a shot.
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