Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Or maybe I should ask, what isn't on my workdesk, because we are getting ready to go on vacation to Italy next week. So I raided my workdesk to test what needs to come with us for this trip.

My daughter and I have been testing it all out in our backyard, as we haven't a clue what to bring with us.

Trying to keep it simple. So, that's no acrylics for me. I guess I will be doodling and drawing this vacation.

And I really don't do doodle very well, but I'll give it a shot. It'll be a lesson in patience for me, or a sign I should get up and go for a walk or a swim. Or perhaps just be.

Anyway, from next week I won't be writing much on this here medium. All the more in my journals probably. So I won't be participating in our weekly workdesk hop.

I also finished the last page with video for the Summer Of Color yesterday and posted it last night.

This afternoon my mother will come over and we will try and finish our travel kit. Before that I hope to visit some workdesks from all around the world, to check out what others have been up to last week.

So a nice and short post this week. Just like Julia, our hostess from the Stamping ground likes it.

Thank you for watching and I wish tou a wonderful week, or weeks...

Summer Of Color 3, week 6 - Sage and Sepia

The last week of the summer of color allready. Just in time, because next week I will be away on holliday and I won't have time to work in my art journal, let alone write blog posts.

Sage and Sepia are this weeks colors and though I love those colors, I had no clue what I wanted to do. Which, I must admit, does happen quite often.

So I set out to make a journal page, with video again, as I have set this up anyhow and ended up here.

I ran into some trouble while making the video. Or perhaps I should say, I created some trouble, by thoughtlessly deleting some files to make room on the hard drive of the camera.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fun with ATC's - Classic Films

When I saw this challenge prompt over at Fun With ATC's, I immediately thought I wanted to do something with it, because I love old movies. After which it totally escaped my attention and I forgot completely about it.

Untill this weekend, when I found myself in need of an ATC to send out with my little package to my one hundredth follower (Jan). So I made a few inspired by the prompt from Fun with ATC's and some old movie stars I loved watching when I was a child.

Here are some close-up shots and a sneek peek at the package for Jan.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Add color to my sunset sky - art journal page

With the Color Of Summer challenges these past weeks, I've been limiting my choice of color in my art journals to the colors of the week. I at least tried to do that and because I had several other projects that needed to get finished, I haven't had time to just go out and play in my journal.

Somehow, last night I urgently felt the need to splurge out in color, because it makes me happy and I needed that.

I didn't even pull out every color I have in my drawer, but I seriously tried. I found the perfect quote to go with it:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A rusty japanese stab book

When I made my first japanes stab book for a swap, my husband liked it so much that he wanted me to make one for him. So I promised him to make one.

I started working on the book last week when I showed you the covers in my WOYWW post. I finished the book last monday.

As he likes steampunk stuff, I made it rusty and old looking. He's quite pleased with his notebook.

I did take some progress shots, but not very much. So I won't be able to show you exactly what I did to get this look, but I will try and talk through all the steps.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Wednesday already, wow time sure does fly. Yet another What's On Your Workdesk wednesday over at Julia's stamping ground, you can check out desks from all over the world. If you're not familiar with this, you can go to her blog and she'll explain it all to you.

There's not much to see on my desk today, just a little chillin' with my day journal, after posting my last video (here) for the summer of color.

My little black book with quotes on the left and one of my art journals on the right. Right on top of a really messy and in need of replacement drop sheet.

My day journal is just a little file folder mini junk journal and I slam all sorts of things into it. Things I encounter, things I want to keep, photographs, ephemera, random thoughts as well as daily journalling. When it's full I'll just make a new one and continue the chaos.

Here are a few close up shots of my messy mind.

Summer Of Color 3, week 5 - Candy apple Red and Yellow

The Colors for the Summer Of Color this week are not exactly my cup of tea. I did try to make it work though, but my yellow went gold and brown. Which in a way are derivatives of yellow, right? So I think it still qualifies.

This page took me on a little journey down memory lane, back to a time when I didn't know what worries were.

In the picture you can see me, sitting on my grandfather's knee and my sister, trying to get away, because she probably saw a butterfly worth chasing, in my grandfather's garden. Cows grazing peacefully in the background. My grandfather is pointing to my father, who took the picture.

He was a warm and thoughtful man, very close to nature. Always outside in the garden. My happiest memories of our visits are of him taking us to feed the chickens and showing us the baby rabbits, cuddled up nice and warm in their hay nests. My mother muttering in the background about our sunday clothes getting all dirty. Happy days.

Here are some close up shots of the page and a short making of video.

Monday, July 8, 2013

little blue book charms

A while back I posted a picture of some booklets I was working on. Yesterday I finally finished them. Somehow I kept bumping into a wall while making these. So I'm really glad it all came together in the end. 

Two of them are already spoken for. I don't know what to do with the last one yet, but I'm sure it will find a good home as well.

I did make some progress shots while making them so I can show you how I made them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer of Color 3, week 4 - charcoal grey and pale pink

I actually made two projects for the Summer of Color this week. I started with a journal page, that at first went horribly wrong. While I was thinking about how to proceed with the journal page I made two ATC's. I think they turned out really cute.

I finally knew how I wanted to finish my journal page and even made a video.

Since I filmed the whole process, I don't have progress pics, but I do have loads of detail shots. So be warned, this is a picture heavy post.

WOYWW 213, or is it?

Yet another wednesday and time to snoop around the world at other people's workdesks. If you're new here and want to know what this is all about, just hop on over to Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground and she'll explain it all to you. 

Today it's time for WOYWW 213, indeed really 213. Last weeks confusion about the number did give me a giggle here and there. I'll make it short and sweet, well I'll give it a go at least.

This time Not a photo of what's on my workdesk, but one of what isn't on my workdesk anymore. I got this really cute hanging rack at a discount. It has lots of room for all sorts of little thingies. Really happy with that.

I also decided to clean out this old ship trunk and store my recycled papers, cardboard and my dies in there. I finally got rid of the last remnants of my kids toys, the playmobil has now taken up residence in the attick.

I've been working on several things last week, but I can only show you some small previews, since they are either not finished, or they are finished but the video that's supposed to go with it isn't.

Here are some quick shots of what I\ve been working on.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Very late 12 tags of 2013...not a tag

I know, I am really, really late making the june tag for the 12 tags of 2013. So this will be a really, really short post. I loved the tag Tim made as an inspiration and the techniques he used, butI just couldn't get it together to go and make this tag.

This afternoon it hit me. I just wasn't in the mood to make a tag. I wanted to make books. The feeling of booklets and the fiddling with paper just makes me happy. So I decided to make the cover of a booklet with the techniques Tim showed us.

I didn't have all the products Tim used, so I used substitutes that I thought would work. I did make some progress shots and detail photo's.
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