Friday, January 30, 2015

Announcing the winner.. and a painted passport TN

This will be a very short blogpost, with just the video announcing the winner of the giveaway from the previous blogpost Traveler's Notebook.

So a short blogpost and a short video, that would be a first right? =)
Maybe even a bit too short...

How about a little eye candy then, my newest addition to my Traveler's Notebook family. Meet my super cute wallet passport Traveler's Notebook.

When I started I didn't know if it was going to work...

I just knew I wanted to try it!

Gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised about the result.

The original painting isn't with me, because it lives in a Round Robin book in Germany ;-)

I was rather sad to see it go, but made several pictures and have been using it for my business card and things like that. I love the colors and the feel of the painting.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to reproduce it, because, honestly, I never know what I do/did....I just do....

But I think it turned out rather well and it even looks cool with my lovely vintage Lady Falcon pen =)

Anyway, back to the give-away... Congratulations Tabatha, your notebook is coming your way, I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I did making it =)

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I am SO in LOVE with this new passport wallet of yours! It's GORGEOUS! I'd love to know the process you used to paint and seal it. I recently added the sticker version of this painting that you sent in my order to my TN. Great painting.

    1. Thank you...I planned to make some pictures to record the process...for me as much as for anyone else, but I somehow get caught up in the process and before I know what's finished...I'll make another one and try to record that ;-)

  2. Hi Monique, nice to see that you used the tag! Regards, Micheline

    1. Love the tag Micheline ♥ I put it on my Miscelaneous booklet, so it will stay with me for quite a while, since that one doesn't get swapped out ;-)

  3. And by the way: love the painted notebook!


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