Tuesday, October 1, 2013

29 Faces Final check-in #23 - 29 or there abouts...

Final check-in for the 29 faces challenge. Though I have been practicing faces every day this month, most of them were just quick scribbles in my journal. 

As today is the 30th of september I thought I would add a quick painting in my art journal and then call it a day.

I think I learned a lot by just doing a face every day and it has been an interesting experience. I will try and keep sketching a face every day, be it in my journal, or whatever medium I have at hand =). So maybe someday I will be able to just sit somewhere and sketch people passing by...I would so love to be able to do that.

I don't have my regular camera at the moment, so here are some shots made with my iPhone.

Here's a collection of the faces I did in my journal.

Some are goofy and very quick.

Others are a bit more elaborate.

Often something that caught my eye at that moment.

Like a sleeping kitty... =)

Or my docters visit...

Trying different styles.

Because, well actually, I don't have a style, I just do what I feel like at the moment. As I did tonight.

So those are my 29 Faces in 30 days and I had fun doing them. I have no clue how many I made, because I lost count at some point...

So thank you Ayala, for hosting this and inspiring me to go and do a face a day any which way I liked. I learned a lot and I enjoyed looking at what the other participants made. Though I have not been commenting much... Life has a tendancy to get in the way of those things.

Thank you for watching and I wish you a wonderful week.


  1. Oh how i love this!! your strokes, lights, shadows and color palette are wonderful!

  2. WOW... that is so great all of them .. I felt in love with the Kitty :) - But it is so nice to see other artists work. Thank you for sharing

    My contribution to the 29Faces is here:


  3. Wonderful, love the color!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Prachtige gezichten en het kleurgebruik is fantastich!
    Groetjes Karin

  5. Wonderful colours! Lovely kitty face also!

  6. Oooh WOW,What a beautiful faces.Love the colors.

    Greetings Jeannette

  7. Wonderful faces, Monique! I like the ease of your strokes a lot!

  8. wonderful faces! I believe that you could learn much from this experience - faces have to be practiced ...

    xxx Susi

  9. Great faces. Lovely with all the different colors. I always paint mine skin colored but this is so much spontaneous. Great job!!
    I have finished my 29 faces also, so I now have some time to visit all the participants of the challenge :-)
    Have a great day!
    xxx Marianne MW

  10. Lovely work! I really like your pen drawings and the way the text and faces merge together. Like you I have learned a lot from the month of faces, unfortunately the heavy workload meant I didn't make as many bloghops as I wanted so I must try and catch up!

  11. i like the colours you are using here..expressive

  12. oh my gosh I totaly love your Art Journal this face is sooooooo amazing!
    xoxo SanDee1899


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