Sunday, May 10, 2015

Very short Blogpost...

I'm going to try something new today....I'm going to write a short blogpost... That's right, very short...
However, It is a rather long video =)

It's a flip through of my Traveler's Notebook (s), both my personal planner and the TN I took with me on holiday to Italy with the Travelogue and the doodling booklets.
 I hope you enjoy

Have a lovely weekend,
xx Monique

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  1. Fascinating! I loved the journey through your diary. It is so interesting to see how like a magpie you collect every scrap of inspiration and put it together. I must do this more . I tend to collect things but not organise them properly . This way I can see how easy it is to refer to something that has inspired you.

  2. I love your tree!!

  3. Monique, I have a question for you. I watched your video (very inspiring!) but I'm curious about your side tabs. How did you make those? Did you laminate them? Is the tab part leather?

    1. Hi Tonja, they are made from cardstock and cut to the correct size. You can use just the cardstock, but you can laminate them if you like. ...and yes the ends are covered with leather, because I found that just the cardstock didn't survive carrying around in my bag very well ;-) and it looks pretty =)


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