Monday, June 17, 2013

5 little booklets...

Yup, that's right, 5 little booklets and 9 more in the making. What was I thinking...

With the school hollidays coming up and lot's of birthdays, I wanted to make some journals to either tuck in my handbag while on the road, or give as a cute little present.

I saw some youtube video's with the cutest little booklets. One was a doodle book - journal from Michelle Mooney, thepaperaddiction on YouTube. Made completely from envelopes. I tried this last week, but as I only had white envelopes and not the nice brown colored ones she uses, I tea dyed some junk envelopes.

Then I saw some realy cute file folder mini booklets made with a mini file folder and just some random papers in them. I fell completely in love with these. You can see some great examples at RoxPaperScissors and Yolanda's Crafty Channel on Youtube.

As I just got the File Tabs Sizzix on the edge die, I thought I would do something with that as well.

So I've spent my weekend collecting, cutting and folding papers, all sorts of papers...

Scrapbook papers, ledger papers, tea dyed junk envelopes, new envelopes, doilies, vellum and wot not.

This is just a sample of the pile of papers I collected. This is actualy part of the stack of paper for the 9 that are in the making. The first 5 were done yesterday and the one shown above is already in the mail as a graduation gift.

I made 5 booklets, gave one to my daughter to decorate and then decorated the 4 remaining booklets with scrapbook papers. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and glad I finally found some use for all those random papers that I collected over the years.

Here are a "few" close ups of the finished booklets.

I used my new stamps from IndigoBlu and Kaisercraft.

Did some fussy cutting and used all sorts of things I found in my stash.

Made a tiny envelope =)

This booklet will be my journal for when I go on holliday. The paper is from my new paperpad, Tattered Time (matstack).

Made a belly band from the left over paper.

Pretty little Kaiserkraft stamp.

Created some corners to tuck in things, used staples

and lots of washi tape.

The envelope above was actualy sent to me by Toni and had the ATC for the WOYWW4 swap in it. Thank you Toni, as you can see I put it to good use in my little travel journal =).

Made some tags and finally got to use the little paperpad I bought in Paris. That would be the one with the pink flowers.

I think the tea dyeing did the envelopes a lot of good.

They did turn out to be chunky little journals, with 15 folio's in the signature.

Another home-made mini envelope

and another junk envelope, with belly band.

I love how the booklets feel and flipping through them makes me happy =).

Here are the three together. The first one was already in the mail when I made this photo.

With there being so many booklets that I wanted to show you, I tried my hand at making a video. (Yay, I finaly got a tripod and made a video). I haven't uploaded it yet, because moviemaker won't let me edit it. So now I'm in a terribly annoying fight with my computer. My windows 7 machine does it just fine, but the windows 8 machine, I normally work on, just won't let me. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get it to work on my machine.

We'll see, I'll update this post when I do get it to work and the video is uploaded. Please, bear with me though, because this filming thing is completely new to me.

Anyway, That's it for now. Just wanted to share the ones I made so far. They were supposed to be a fun quick project, but they turned out to be a fun, not so quick project =). I haven't even started on the Japanese stab book that I have planned.

Thank you for watching and wish you a wonderful day.


  1. They are all gorgeous, just totally fantastic and adorable little books! Valerie

  2. you are so inventive with your artwork monique! cute litte books :)

  3. Ziet er weer mooi uit. Ben benieuwd naar de video, hopelijk lukt het je om 'm te editen :)

  4. Wow dit ziet er al veelbelovend uit!

  5. Wow, these little books look stunning, Monique! Fantastic!

  6. Wonderful little books!

  7. Monique...your creativity is off the charts. I so love your work. Your concept of color and design is amazing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about my little book. I need to check out the links you provided to see those little books. Have a great week! <3 Candy

  8. Fabulous little journals, Monique - glorious details and papers and tags and, and, and...! Good luck getting the video to behave - hope to see it soon!
    Alison x

  9. Thank you all for you kind comments.

    I did get the video to behave in the end and posted it on youtube =). Though I taped it all over and included the giveaway booklet. Machines and I do normally get allong just fine, it's just this windows 8 that keeps bugging me...


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