Monday, November 25, 2013

Some quick sketches

I was first only going to post these to facebook as I thought they weren't blogworthy, but then I thought, hold on, it's my blog. I can do whatever I like, right? Perhaps I'm falling into the same trap I always fall into and maybe I'm setting my bar too high again. Making it near impossible for myself to post anything here. While this was supposed to be a place to share all my creative doodads and whotnots.

So I'm lowering my bar again to share some 5 minute sketches and some playing with watercolour paints. They are not perfect, but they're not supposed to be.

Just me playing in my Travelers Notebook on my daily timetracking pages. The quick doodle above is a self portrait from a goofy picture my daughter took of me yesterday. I think, for a quick sketch it turned out alright.

Last saturday we went to the movie Catching fire and the sketch below is inspired by that.

This one was inspired by my son's newest game =)

And I think you might be able to guess where the inspiration for this one came from.

Another movie inspiration, this time Sucker Punch, though the likeness is a bit harder to find. I still like how it looks though.

The one below was not inspired by anything, I just doodled something, I think I wasn't having the best day...

It turned out alright though.

I think it looks really cute all those little sketches around my time tracking circle and they make me happy just by looking at them. Nothing perfect, nothing big, just some tiny drawings, all done in under 10' from start to finish, but still I did something and they made me happy. So I guess they are share worthy.

I hope you liked my little sketches. I would love to know if you ever feel you made something you liked and then were afraid to share, because you set your bar too high.

I wish you all a wonderful creative day.


  1. I think it's a good likeness to you -
    very very similar to your profile image ...
    great done !


  2. Beautiful work, nothing to hide, that's for sure! Valerie

  3. wow dat ziet er goed uit, leuk gedaan! Groetjes karin

  4. So glad you shared these (especially as I don't do Facebook!)... I really love their freshness - and yes, it's your blog, so please just keep sharing your amazing work!!
    Alison x

  5. Wat goed dat je jezelf hebt toegesproken en het blog idd gebruikt voor wat er uit jou is gekomen. Heerlijk die gevoels beelden Monique!

  6. of course they are worth sharing! I love them! But I know the feeling of not sharing something because you think it's not good enough, I'm guilty of doing the same. From now on I'll share more, you just inspired me ... ;-)

  7. I love your quick sketches, Monique. And yes, you are easily to be recognized! Wonderful!

  8. So very cool your scetches beneath the calendar...I found it so interesting to have the timeline in a cicle! Great idea!!! Johnny-scetch is my fav ;) Wish you a Merry Christmas ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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